Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Feeling Discouraged? Little or No Preaching Opportunities

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By Roline Thomas

What God has for me it is for me? Let a good preacher tune up and whoop out that phrase. Watch what happens. Observe the people shouting, running, jumping, naming and claiming. In the moment, it sounds good and feels good. The listener receives and believes the declaration. Yet, FOR SOME who are not being used in ministry, who begin to wonder when will he or she have a chance to operate in the call, “what God has for me is for me” is not very comforting. Sometimes, the slogan has been far removed from their memory bank.

Ever had these thoughts:

When will I be licensed? When will I get an opportunity to preach? I feel an overwhelming sense of unfairness when others are used often, I am not given a chance. There are some in leadership who are holding me back from what God has called me to do because they don’t like me and/or show favoritism to others. 

If you ever had these thoughts what happens to “what God has for me it is for me?” Do you really believe because you don’t get opportunity that other people have hindered your call? Stop blaming others for your lack of progress. Talk to God. But beware, he’ll give you an answer, perhaps one that you weren’t expecting.

With God all things are possible. He is able to bring you to, get you through and finish whatever work be has begun in you. So why are you in this stagnant place? Why haven’t you been licensed? Why don’t you get opportunities to preach? I don’t know, but what I do advise is this “DON’T BE DISCOURAGED.” Why? Because all things are working for the good of those who 1) LOVE GOD and 2) are called according to HIS PURPOSE. Here are a few things to ponder:
  1. Do I really live like I love God. Maybe, God can’t trust me with opportunity because I haven’t placed Him first. How’s my devotion to God?
  2. Am I walking in His purpose? If God called you to preach he has an audience for you. Are you really called to preach? What makes you sure?
  3. Am I ready? Preaching isn’t easy. Do you really think you can deliver a sound message in such a way that people will be transformed by the love of God. Maybe you are in a “gift development” season. Use this time to learn how to study and prepare.
  4. Am I serving? Ministering is so much more than preaching. Many called preachers make the mistake of seeking opportunity to preach while missing opportunities to serve.

One final thought. My husband has often asked this question in minister’s training class. If you were driving in the wrong direction, how long would you continue before turning around. If you are going in the right direction, keep moving forward. But if you discover you were not called to preach, turn around before you hurt yourself or someone else.