Thursday, November 3, 2011

Roline is one of the speakers Monday Nov. 7th at.......

Vanessa Parker to minister......

Order of Service

The Sisters Meet Experience
November 4, 2011 7:00 pm
“Praise, Potential, Progress, Purpose, and Promise”
Sponsored by Positive People Promotion’s, Inc. Tutoring & Mentoring
Evangelist Fran Kelley, CEO & Founder

New Seasons Ministries
Pastor Harold Wade
Broadway and Laurel Street
North Little Rock, AR

Praise and worship Delya
Scripture / Prayer Yolanda Williams
Praise dance Deborah Cumberbach
Welcome and Occasion Barbara Mickles
Minister Gayle Anderson
Dr. Margaret Floyd Campbell
Minister Dee Johnson
Evangelist Janice Kelley
Testimony and Exhortation Angela Harding
 Musical Selection Valeria Keener
Minister Vanessa Parker
Minister Verna Jackson
Lady Lawanda Williams
Prophetic Forecast Evangelist Fran Kelley
Remarks, Announcements, Adjournment

 A portion of the proceeds help fund the Mary Swanigan Scholarship Fund